setting up timming 09 YZ450F

there's 3 marks on the crank which one do i align with the mark on the cases?

Thank you

first 2 are connected with a dash line

hey man sorry i cant help you, but you have the same bike as me. im buring oil, a small amount but still.... it has fourty hours 8 oil changes and its not raced. the valves have never been done. any suggestions on what this could be?


ok, figure out the marking issue, thx to some old post on here. the first 2 marks that looks like "H" is ignition and 3rd mark is TDC, so set it up on 3rd.

Burning oil: could be valve stem seals, but to do that you have to remove the head. Since I can do most myself, I would take it apart had someone look at the head, definitely install new valve stem seals and while you in there, replace piston rings, piston pin, circle clips and head gaskets.

It shouldn't cost you more than $100 plus whatever seals installation cost.

I had 59 hrs on mine and since I can do it myself I thought why not, better be safe than sorry, specially me riding SX and MX I sure don't want it to blow on me mid air.

Good luck


cool thanks mark for the help.

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