Softer Seat Foam??????

Why does Yamaha insist on putting a log underneath of a blue seat cover and calling it a seat?

I have friend with a 97'yz250 and 99'yz250 and I had a 95'yz250.None of which were comfortable to ride for very long at all, and since I do 60-106 mile races it is almost mandatory for softer seat foam.

Any Suggestions?



I am only 5'8" so the Tall Foam is out unless you guys know something I don't !!!!






ride BLUE

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Have you thought about wearing padded bicycle shorts under your nylons?

If that suggestion dosen't sound any good check out this site and see if anybody closer could do the memory foam they talk about?

That's my $0.02

you yhink the 426 seat foam is hard? i guess you have never ridden a 97 cr250 (two of my friends have cr's) it makes the yamaha seat look like a pillow

Hi,Factory effex makes a softer than stock seat foam part#02-0634 from chaparral.I just ordered it because a friend has it and its great!Also in the new dirt rider there is an ad from a bicycle seat company LBG or somethign that offers a whole softer and grippier seat.Check that out too.

The company is SDG and they are selling the seats for $90. Pretty good, since you can spend $60 on a gripper seat cover. I ordered mine from BTO sports and it is supposed to be here next week.

Is it $90 for the entire seat cover, foam, and seat base - or just the cover and foam?

Paul in AZ

I asked the same questions when I got mine last June. It does improve after you break it in a little but I also wear the road biker padded seat shorts as someone else suggested, these help alot. I also put a new gripper seat cover on mine and it is a definate improvement over those slippery stock cover. Looks cool too...


STAND UP MORE!!!!!!!I too do long races(Ironmanned Nevada 2000 and won...brag, sorry) I admit my azz is sore after but if its bothering you at all during the race you are surely sitting way too much and hurting your speed to boot.

Dirts right about the standing. I came from KTM's and the YZ's feel like a lazy boy compared to the KTM's

I also hate the YZ's hard there any way to make it softer without buying new seat foam? I was thinking about using a palm sander to sand about 1/4" off and replacing it with a layer of softer foam. have any of yall tried something like this or am I just crazy? Thanks for your input!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

Originally posted by Paul in AZ:

Is it $90 for the entire seat cover, foam, and seat base - or just the cover and foam?

Paul in AZ

yes everything

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