Gray Wire mod

Hey guys

I haven't owned my 426 very long and i have read up on the gray wire. Is it hard to disconnect? i can see it already i just haven't taken the tank off to look at how to discnnect it. And if u just unplug it can u later plug it back in if u wish? also will it affect your jetting alot if any? ok well thanks in advance for the info.


Good thing you thanked in advance, because your question was answered in advance too. Click search, type gray wire, and enjoy the reading. :)

The search function might work better if you spell "grEy" correctly, otherwise you'll only get these two posts. You're welcome in advance.

It's not hard at all just clip the wire with pliers you won,t want to hook it back up :)

It's not hard at all just clip the wire with pliers you won,t want to hook it back up :D

Ah, I hooked mine up to a switch, I can have it both ways, either YZ or WR mapping. I used one of those nice switched with the water tight rubber boot. :)

I am real curious to see what replies I get about this one! I have heard of everyone cutting or removing the GREY/GRAY wire from the harnass. Here is my situation: The mechanic at my Yamaha shop told me to remove the "Neutral Swith Assembly" which is behind the gear shifter (it is a black plastic housing with electrical wires running into it.) It is held on my two phillips head machine screws. Behind it you will see a small plunger type device- he told me to remove the plunger with needle nose pliers and remove the small spring behind the plunger, then replace the "neutral swich assembly." Supposedly this does the same exact thing as the Grey/Gray wire mod. Does anyone have any information about this? I would imagine that he knew what he was talking about, but I have not seen anyone else suggest this setup. Is it just easier to clip or remove the wire versus "removing the plunger." :)

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