Stock gearing 2010 yz450f

Anyone have the stock gearing information for the 2010?

I want to compare the gearing to the yz250 99+ (I think they have the same gearing throughout the last ten years) and see how it differs.

Pretty sure the front and rear sprockets are the same, but I may be wrong on that.


i know the sprockets are 13 and 48 i have seen a few post on the gear ratios just do a search but if i remember they were the same also

Yea thumbs up on that 13T front and 48T rear on my 2010

Thanks for the sprocket confirmation, I have found out some more information by searching the net for 09 gear ratio as they are apparently the same as 2010?

Is this info right?

Stock YZ450F 2010 13T Front 48T Rear

# Gear ratio; 1st gear - 27/14 (1.929)

# Gear ratio; 2nd gear - 23/15 (1.533)

# Gear ratio; 3rd gear - 23/18 (1.278)

# Gear ratio; 4th gear - 24/22 (1.091)

# Gear ratio; 5th gear - 20/21 (0.952)

Stock 2005 YZ250 14T Front 50T Rear

# Gear Ratio – 1st Gear: 57/17 (3.353)

# Gear Ratio – 2nd Gear: 23/15 (1.533)

# Gear Ratio – 3rd Gear: 23/18 (1.278)

# Gear Ratio – 4th Gear: 24/22 (1.091)

# Gear Ratio – 5th Gear: 20/21 (0.952)

Comparing cause I want to see how the gear ratios differ between the two. I want to try a 2010 just curious to see what it would feel like in terms of speed in each gear. I use 1st A TON on my 250, I'm still a novice but the terrain I ride can get technical. When It's not I'm in the higher RPM for first to pull the front up more for the puddles and ruts etc.

are you sure about that 1st on the 250? 57/17???!!!

are you sure about that 1st on the 250? 57/17???!!!

Actual first gear ratio on the 2006 YZ250 is 25/14 (1.929:1), precisely the same as the '06 and later YZ450F. One difference in the two is the primary drive ratio, 2.652:1 (61/23) in the 450, and 3.0:1 (63/21) in the YZ250.

The YZ450 comes with a 3.769:1 chain set (13/49). This gives the bike a an overall of 9.995:1 multiplied by the ratio of whichever gear it happens to be in.

The YZ250 uses a 3.571:1 chain set (14/50). With the primary., this is an overall of 10.713:1, times the trans ratio. The 250 then, is about 7% lower geared.

To accomplish that with a YZ450, you'd need a 52 tooth rear sprocket.

thought so.

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