Will 03 fork stantion fit 08?

Rock fall. Lodged myself into the bank of rocky gully, pulled bike out and started rock fall of several 200-400 boulders onto me and bike.

YZ450 08. Scratched fork stanchion. Found an 03 on craigslist. Will it fit in my 08 shock? What is the year range that will fit? 06-09?

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If you mean an upper tube, '06-'09 should be interchangeable. If you mean the lower, only an '08-'09 are the same.

So I cannot put a set of 06 or 07 forks on my 08?

You can use a complete set of '06 or '07 forks (with your triple clamps or the "new" ones), but the '08 brake caliper won't fit. That means you would need the master cylinder and caliper from an earlier YZ/YZF to make the swap.

Thanks Gray

Upper or lower and which side?

Lower brake side.

Lower brake side.

Bummer, I have a spare but it is the wrong side. I did the same thing and picked up a pair off ebay but only needed the brake side also.

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