little Help bike wont shift out of 1st

Went to ride the other day and my bike seemed to start and run good, but when I went to shift into second it would hit neutral and could not upshift at all. This is an 09 yz450 with about 6 hours on it. I guess my question is does this sound like a broken gear or could it be one of those "pins" i guess thats what it is, that shifts up. Will the transmission have to be taken apart most likely from the sound of this

Can you shift past second to third and beyond, or not?

If you can, the gear is gone.

If you can't, start by getting in behind the clutch and seeing if something outside the crankcase may be causing this.

hey thanks for your reply, no it will not shift past second at all just 1st to neutral, I cant seem anything but im def not a mechanic.

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