Chain and Chain Guard Replacement

Just put new sprockets and chain on my 05 WR450. Looks like these were the originals or at least had been replaced with OEM. Never seen a CS sprocket like that before. In any case been looking at the plastic/ rubber chain guide and swingarm protectors and was floored when I saw how much Yamaha wants, checked in to TMD, and their replacement guide runs almost $90. The chain I replaced has the trad master link with clip and I can see already that it is wearing as are the sideplates and rivet ends of the chain. I am beginning to wish that I had gone with a pressed on master and some more expensive chain, even though this is another 0-ring. Any advice about the guide, protector or chain? Thanks Ron

All the o-ring chains are pretty much the same overall width so will get rubbing on the clip and rivets regardless, change the link once a year and you'll be fine. The exception would be that DID makes an expensive "narrow" oring chain. I don't care of the rivet links because it makes getting the swingarm off a PITA. The TMD chain guides are very good and worth the money IMO, if want a cheap OEM replacement I think MSR or Tusk makes them also.

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