Questions for YZF owners

1.who makes a rubber mounted tripple clamp for the yzfs that places bar 10mm forward

2.How do fix the burp on a 99 400? you know,

the "ohhhhh ******" burp wright off trottle

3. will a honda brake system fit on my 400?

4. anyone tried a Maxxis surcross tire?

Thanks in advance for your help.

1. Applied. I have an extra rubber mounted clamp if you are interested.

3. Probably, but you could just replace the hose with a Honda style hose.

I tried a Maxxis intermediate tire on my y2k WR400. Wore out VERY quickly. Real piece of SH**!

The '99 was not known for a burp off idle. However, you might try to adjust your pilot fuel screw to rid this annoying habit. If you've tried different pilot jets and fuel screw combinations and still had no luck, I'd suggest that you look into a possible air leak at any of the 4 carb junctures. These 4 junctures consists of the initial manifold to cylinder head mating, followed by the manifold to carb juncture. Next would be the air boot adapter/carb junction, finally, by the air filter snout to the adapter junction. Often times, the clamps that secure these junctions are not up to snuff. Look into good quality worm gear type clamps that are narrow enough to fit into the circumferential napes. Harbor Freight has excellent clamps that fit great...and are cheap.

I chased a jetting problem until I found an air leak at the air box adapter. This goes to show how important carb setup is.

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