Electrex kit

After reading the Thumper Talk review I was way stoked to get my Electrex kit.

It was a huge let down. As stated in earlier reviews "One page of instructions" yeah right. The WR needs some stator work that will have to be done no matter which kit you get. The headlight is just plain ugly and heavy. Too much weight up high for my taste. It is a solid kit. Way to solid. The Baja Designs kit had much better weight distribution and better ergos. Get this I cracked a mount. So I call them and they say well you can't just buy the broken piece. You have to buy the whole light. B.S. UFO makes the light shroud. A couple of passes with the Dremel and Whala new light shroud. Thanks but no thanks Electrex. Baja Designs worked better for my needs. And yes the instruction guide is 20 detailed pages with pictures of the necessary stator mod. They were way better then then the other kit. I even got to use my stock headlight not some ugly one size fits all light. Plus a Baja Designs kit for my 01WR426 is get this $100 cheaper. Go figure?

Baja Designs... Electrex... Trick Dual Sport... Eline... Fortunately there are choices in this wonderful world which makes for good competition and better products for us all. We liked the Electrex kit, but that doesn't make it a great kit, just our opinion. Keep us posted on your long-term thoughts of the BD kit. This topic is always hotly debated. BTW, do you know that we have a Dual Sport discussion forum?

So does this mean you now have an Electrex kit as an extra since the Baja Designs worked better. If so and your interested in selling it send me a PM.

I'd give a fair price for it.

I sold it yesterday on Ebay. Lost money. Who wants to pay $520 for a used kit. When You can get a New Baja Designs kit for $410. I have learned much. Baja Designs may be The Oldest. But they still are the BEST!


Thanks for helping make Thumper Talk what it is Today. A great information exchange board for riders of all types.

I posted on this board because I think there are many people who have the WR426/250 bikes here in Cal that are now able to be dual sported with the new law changes. 2002 red sticker bikes now are Green sticker which means, as you well know, they can get a street plate.

My opinion is just one.

After reading the review on the Electrex kit that was done by Thumper Talk I felt that maybe a it was somewhat favorable towards them and I needed to see it for my self.

I feel the article that was posted on Thumper Talk was well lets just say it was totally different then my experience with them.

I enjoy the board and will keep watching it. Balanced is good.

I will stay with the Baja Desings kit.

Thanks for your time. Thanks for the execellent board.

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