426, what gearing ???

hey guys, what is the standard gearing for the 426?

my riding consists of mountain riding, woods , and a few tracks once in a while when there open, so would you guys recommend me changing gearing or just stick to the standard gearing , if so what would you change to?


Stock is 14/49.

I run 15/49 on my 426. works great for me. I ride mainly single track in the desert.

I have 13/ 50 for tight technical stuff.

Believe it or not, I haven't counted my teeth since I got it ! I mean the front ones. The problem surfaced when I did a real steep climb and the horizon started to be covered constantly by a Renthal yellow handle bar... to the point of droppin it and taking a bad fall on the right elbow. Since then I am doing searches about the sprockets :bonk:

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