No one else will answer need a little info.

Sorry for posting a non-YZ question first off.

I cant seem to find and companies that sell a sprocket set for a TTR225. DO you people know if the TTR250 and the TTR225 share the same sprocket sizes. She has 15 tooth front and six gear trans. She never get's out of 4th at the local MX track I was wanting to drop the front down to a 14 tooth too make it pull harder.

Keep in mind that changeing 1 tooth on the front sprocket is like changeing 3 on the rear. Therefore changeing the front makes a big difference - maybe too big of a change. IMO, you should experiment with the rear sprocket first.


I would be willing to try anyting but since I can't find a listing for any type of sprocket info for the 225 that's why I was wondering about the ttr250 specs.

One on counter shaft is equal to 2 on the rear. Down 1 tooth on the front lowers gearing as would 2 up on rear.

Originally posted by BigMike:

One on counter shaft is equal to 2 on the rear.

Maybe on your quad… :)

To find equivalent # of teeth do the math.

14/50 gearing, 1 tooth up front equals 3.6 teeth in back (50/14=3.6).

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Freak, you may have already tried this, but my local Yamaha dealer just ordered one. They're out there.

If all else fails I can put you in contact with my dealer.

Come to think, I'd bet that the sprocket is after market..


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Believe it or not my dealer does not freaking know. That is why I am asking you guys. If you can give me the name of someone who know's what the hell the comparision is between the ttr250 and the ttr225 ( wifes bike) I am game buddy. I know renthal has a sprocket set for the TTR250 but they do not for the TTR225 which is what I need. If the sprockets are the same not a big deal.


I just got back from my Yamie dealer (I had to pick up some goodies) - the parts guy took the time to cross reference everything and the TTR250's rear sprocket will not work on the TTR225. The only rear sprocket he can get for the 225 is the stock replacement. We looked up Renthal, Sunstar, AFAM, Moose and Talon - nothing. Plenty for the 250 though.

Hope this helps - probably not what you wanted to hear! :)

Odie, that is exactly what I was wondering thanks for the info guy I owe you one. Well at least I now know in order for more pull I need more power. I told her too get the 250 but she liked the 225 better.

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