Front wheel bearings

What would cause the front wheel bearings on a 426 to wear out so quick? It's an 00 model and has just been MX'ed-no trail riding. Do they come with cheap bearings or something?

Not sure but this past weekend I was in some nasty mud and when I got back home to clean my bike I pulled the wheels and took apart the inner's and found minimal grease and lots of mud. I cleaned and re-packed and the bike moves alot better now. I guess Yamaha is really stingy on the grease when putting togther a bike after all. But the bike still rocks!

Pressure washing a bike will shorten all your bearings life span if your not careful where you spray the hi pressure water. Like previously stated, they come with very little grease from the factory. Use a good waterproof grease when you do re-pack them.

Pat grease, over-torqued axle, bent axle, and perhaps a very sticky front brake?

Oh, if someone took the space out between the bearings that could cause problems as well.

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