Just for laughs

Hi Guys,

Just for laughs,

Sometimes when I read the wr topics, and it must be the same in all the other forums :D.

I can't beleive how specific and extreme some answers can get. And I'm sure that most of them are correct and well based :).

Some are so down to earth while some others are, let say extreme :D.

It's like when a kid asks why men grow beard, and the answer can be as simple as we grow beard when we become adult, or we can give him the theory of the evolution and explain that in the end we are just hairy animals trying to overcome the state of primitiveness that we're in. I don't know which one will answer his question. :D But the second one is more amusing :D. I think.

And by all means don't get mad at me. It's always a pleasure to read all the answer, they're all informative and it's just that some are more entertaining than others. :D. And that is very important.

:D :D

I always thought that growing a beard was like the scietific fact that hair growing out your Ears Nose and Back simply cant make it to the top of the head anymore. :)

BC3 is that right or is it you are afraid of shavers

In my case I have had a mustach all my life why is that.

If I shave it off my Nose is Huge it pads the look :D

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