Air filter oil. How much?

How much air filter oil? Where is the fine line between too much and too little. I cleaned mine, re-oiled with what I thought was ample amount, bike wouldn't idle for 15 or so miles. Was that the right amount or too much? Obviously enough to catch dirt.


re-oiled with what I thought was ample amount, bike wouldn't idle for 15 or so miles.

I sounds like you put on a really wet filter and some goo got into your carb and made it rough running. Since I mostly ride in dusty conditions I saturate the outside of the filter and wring out the excess. I realize that all oils are different but I believe that the filter should be well oiled. When I first got my bike Yamaha put the smallest amount of oil on the filter which I think isn't enough..

As far as you bike running rough, the filter is still wet, you should try drying out your filter before you ride. I use PJ1 chemicals with great results, I can remember using oil in liquid form and didn't have good result (kind of like you're having). Try to get a good oil in spray form and make sure that it's really dry before you ride, also don't start your bike in the garage after you've serviced the filter.... I think this will help you..

Good luck :)


I also use the spray on oil,found it to be less messy doing it this way,i normally spray the out side three times(you spray on as many as you are happy with),waiting a few minutes between each coating,then i give the inside a coat last(put your hand inside the filter and and you can turn it round with your fingers while you spray the oil on the outside)use a seam in the filter as a guide for start and finish point,i then rub my finger on the filter and lift it off slowly against a light to see if it looks quite tacky!,leave it over night to settle before using it in the bike.Check the inside of the filter when you remove it,if you see dirt has been getting through try a little more oil on the outside of the next one,you will soon be able to judge what your riding conditions need,a good tacky spray on oil should work ok.

I followed the normal steps.

Cleaned it, dried it for a day, sprayed inside and out, rung it out, let it sit for a day then rode. :)


sprayed inside and out

I've never sprayed the inside of my filers on any bikes I've owned. I have a GYT-R filter that is made up of two filters and I try not to get any oil on the inside one because I'm afraid of getting oil into the carb.

What makes you believe that it's a filter problem? What kind of oil are you using... I used to use "Uni" oil in liquid form, is this what you're using?


I wonder if perhaps a little peice of dirt made its way into the intake boot of the carb when you took the filter off?,i allways check in there with a torch when i take the filter off,i have found that dirt does get in there when changing filters!,maybe thats all it was?,if it cleard up after a short time.

I use Twin-Air filter oil which is suspended in a solvent that disolves after application.

It thoroughly saturates the filter with with the proper amount of oil and does not clog it up.

Try it!!

I have a UNI Twin air

Only Oil the outside using Belray filter oil. I pretty much add enough to see it squeezing through and turns the entire filter blue.

I ring out the rest then add the inside filter and squeeze the filters together.

All In all I would say about 2 - 3 oz's of the oil is used and it is set aside for the day or installed.

either way it sits 24 hrs. But As Dan says I have never sprayed the inside of filters either :)


I have used the same procedure and amounts of oil with two different oils and have had great results. With both Maxima FFT and No Toil, I use the following procedure:

1) In a small shallow bucket, I pour enough oil onto the filter to completely saturate it. I mean completely. This is also what the Twin Air folks recommend.

2) I then firmly squeeze the excess oil out. What I mean by this is I use both hands to compress the filter until no more oil will run or drip out. There are usually spots where the oil collects and I use my hands to smooth these out and evenly distribute the oil. Both Maxima and No Toil have good dye markers so it's pretty easy to see where the oil is and isn't. You want uniform coverage with no pooling or glopping anywhere in the filter. Since the filters are made from open cell foam, the goal is the get a good film of oil throughout the cells on the exterior, and interior of the filter without plugging the cells with oil and thus making the filter restrictve.

3) Allow the filter to dry for an hour or so and then reinstall it. Wait 24 hours before riding. I often smell the filter to see if all the solvent has outgassed - NoToil is alchohol-based and is easy to smell.

In both cases, the bike has started and ran perfectly the next day. I'm no expert, but I doubt that your idle problem was due to too much oil in the filter unless it was dripping in the airboot and I doubt that!

Perhaps it was simply some dirt in the pilot orifice or something simple like that.

Try it again and let us know. :)

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