DRZ 400S 16 Tooth Front Sprocket??

I have a 2001 DRZ 400S, with the standard 15/44 configuration. I had 14, 15 & 16 tooth front sprockets for both of my KLR 650's. I mainly switched to the 16 tooth front to lower RPM's on highway sections of my trips.

Does anyone make a 16 tooth front for a DRZ 400S? I'm planning on a 650 mile run to Moab on the slab and would like to lower the RPM's.

Any info appreciated!!

Lee Ullmann

Casa Grande,AZ:ride:

i looked when i got my 15 tooth and i could not find one the 15 tooth is a tight fit i dont think you could go any bigger than that it was a world of difference from the 13

Driven Racing makes one that fits. It is tight, but it will work. Do a search using the key words "Driven+16".

I got my 16 sprocket from

Forest. Wheelingcyclesupply.com

Like William1 said, you have to

Do a little modification to it to fit properly but it works.

Thanks for the information!! I'll geet on it!!

It slows the engine down about 500RPM at highway speeds.


just installed a 38 tooth rear sprocket with a fifteen on front what a big diffrence i would do this first before the sixteen ive seen them cut into the swingarm

I would prefer to fit a 41 rear to be honest....

Then offroad, a 14 front coupled to the 41 rear is basically equivalent to stock gearing...

I just run 14/47 on mine and have done :bonk:

i have a 16T you could talk me out of , barely even used it . shoot me an offer


Check your PM's.


BE aware, not all 16T CS are created equally. Some fit, some do not. The Driven racing sprockets are made with a slight undersize major diameter (the diameter where the tips of the teeth are) to aid fitting. They do not contact the swingarm. Thy do just touch the rubber chain slider slightly. Some of the others on the market hit metal to metal and should not be used.

Another thing to BE AWARE of....if you allow your chain to get too loose, the chain will start eating away the case, ask me how I know. Also, my 16 Driven didn't contact the swingarm but I had to put a 1/4 inch grove on the rubber chain slider so that the gear would fit.

A loose chain will not hit the case (esp. with a case saver on) but a worn out chain will

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