making the change to 450

I am in the searching for a 2009 or 2010 yzf 450. I am comin off of a modded 250 with around 40 hp. Im 44 175 lbs vet intermediate rider mostly moto some hare scrambles.

Question or concerns??

will the 450 feel that much heavier or just different ?

handling differernce between 09 and 10 that significant??

I dont care about fuel injection.

Any suggestions on how to make the 450 feel lighter??

Yeah ive blown up my modded 08yzf 250 about 5 times and tired of it:banghead:

if you dont care about FI the 09 is 7 lbs lighter and a lot cheaper.

+1 million!

A vet intermediate has pretty stiff competition, but - and I say this with no disrespect - are you losing races just by a few seconds each moto?

Wait, I reread you do some off-road. And that 250F all pumped up has blown up. What about a KTM 350 SXF or wait for the off-road version next year? Or what about a YZ250 two smoke?

But to the original question, I'd get the 09 unless some dealer had to get rid of the 2010 for almost the same price which I don't think is gonna happen.

if you dont care about FI the 09 is 7 lbs lighter and a lot cheaper.
if you dont care about FI the 09 is 7 lbs lighter ...
Haven't ridden a '10 yet, have you?

I have riden an 07 yzf 450. Too long ago to recall specifics about the ride. Other than typical yamaha stability but recall it was hard to turn.

Whats the difference between an 09 and 10 ??

Negative on riding a 10.


the 10's handling is way better than almst any modded 06-09 from what i hear. turns as well as my 250f. ive ridin a 08 kx450, 04 yz450, and neither compare in handling

Ive been told that the main differance in feel is that the 10 goes wear you point it.

I like the handling of my 10 better than my 02 cr250, wich I had felt was the best handling bike ever!

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