2010 yz450f to kx450f opinions

So today i rode a 2010 yz450f, and im honestly to say the bike is not for me, after riding the 2010 kx450f, the power is not similar what so ever, the kawi has so much more bottum to mid-range, the yami has a solid smooth feel but way too smooth with some good top end, so if i was to get a yami and get a gytr power tuner and put it on agressive map is it gonna have as much or at least close to as much torque as the kawi?

Oooh, this is a good question. I'm sure many are wondering too. Yep, the Kawi is a arm stretching monster!

without cam changes NO.

get a low end cam with aggressive mapping and you can get similar power.

thanks for the help man, i was really wanting a yamahabut now that i know that im pretty sure not to get one.

the new 450 has good top end? thats the opposite from what others say i thought? for the tracks i ride its not real noticable tho

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