426 shock linkage problem

I was riding my 02 yz426 today an it seemed fine until I took a break. When I got off the bike I noticed the rear suspension didn't rise back up. When I go to lift it or push down on it there is an aweful squeaking noise coming from the linkage area. So to replace the linkage bearings do I need to remove the rear wheel or can I get it off without removing anything?

I would take it completely apart and grease all the bearings.:bonk:

Can I do that without removing the real wheel or swing arm?

I think Ur going to see that its a lot easier if you take it completely apart. you can check the wheel bearings, swing arm bearings, and the linkage.

Yep, no short cuts when comes to the rear linkage.

Well I got it all apart. I had to remove the subframe to get the shock out but it was no problem. I got the linkage off and to it apart to inspect the bearings and they were bone dry. I just ordered a kit from all balls and should be getting it in a few days. Hopefully that will fix the problem. Do any of you guys know what the torque specs are for the linkage or where I can find info on torque specs for a yz426?

The owners manual. Lots of useful information in that bound pack of paper

I dont have an owners manual yet.

I was just about to tell you the manual is available for download, but I see greyracer is already one it. Download the manual, or buy a hard copy, it is very useful

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