yz400 jumps to neutral

I'm running the yamalube 4R. I try to change it every weekend at the desert or after a hard ride at the track. The most it's ever gone was 2 trips. I clean the filter every other ride and usually replace it after about 10 rides.


When in doubt, GAS IT!

Has anyone had a problem with their transmition on a 99' yz400? Mine seems really easy to hit neutral in while shifting through the gears and I swear that once I was sitting in neutral and had it just jump into gear. Thanks



When in doubt, GAS IT!

What oil are you running? Some guys on here had that problem and switched to mobil 1 synthetic 15w - 50 and the problem went away...I guess some YZ's are picky about their oil! Mine runs great with just "good ole" cheap 10w-40 valvoline!



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My '99 YZ400 does the same thing. I was running 4R and then switched to Mobile 1, but the problem still exists. I've seen posts about this before, so it seems to be a problem with the 400. Oh well, it's a rather minute problem for a bike that is so awesome in every other way! The only time I find it to be really irritating is on tight trails when your constantly shifting from second to nuetral -stomp-stomp-stomp- to first. On motocross tracks it's rare to see fist gear.

I recall in past posts where one guy had his shift fork polished (or something like that) and it just made the problem that much worse. Another post, a guy said he switched to Bel Ray and it solved his problem. Not too sure how a different oil could make a difference but it might be worth a try.



It might be something that you simply over looked, but make sure your clutch is proproperly adjusted i.e. clutch play.

If You will split Your cases, pull out the "shift-drum" first and check the groves that are supposed to guide the shiftforks.

This is usually the problem whenever You get gear jump under acceleration.

Does the heppen in all the gears or just in one or two.

My guess is that the second gear grove could be "cut" in one of the corners causing the fork to not "go all the way".

Hope this helps!!!!


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