Honda brake vs. Yamaha Brake

I'm reading about all of you using honda break lines on your bikes. What's the difference? I bought my bike (99 yz400) a couple of months ago and it had a fastline brake line with a oversive disk on it. The first time I took it out the line blew because the idiot that installed it ran it so that it had hit the disk once. Then when I rode it, it broke. Luckily I got the stock line with it so I wasn't out any money.


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It's not really a "Honda" brake line, it's a Honda routing.

To the best of my knowledge, Honda has the patent on routing a brake line in the manner they do. All others are stuck with something else.

The route Yamaha took makes the hose longer and too twisted. The trick is to purchase one of the aftermarket hoses, then modify the method of holding the hose onto the fork protector (you can purchase these clamps as well).

In most cases, these hoses will be a stainless braid or Kevlar and will provide a firmer lever feel.

I think it's worth it, but the factory set up is really not that bad.


My methodology is why fix something that isnt broken...the Yamaha hose works fine and really isnt that vulnerable unless you are constantly hitting logs or rock climbing! I mostly ride MX and SX and occasionally go to the woods and do not feel the need to change to a fastline setup! If I was obsessed with "saving weight" I would but I would rather spend my money on a performance item that will make either me or my bike faster! I will eventually get a CR routed setup but I believe that there is other "stuff" that I will get first! :)



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Air is likely to "pool" in the bottom portion where it loops underneath. The "Honda routing" is a straight shot. I've never heard anybody replacing it simply to save weight.

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