crank rebuild; 08 yz450f

(back ground: my crank is being rebuilt right now and will be back next weekend from WMR in stuart)

I need your guys wisdom and experience. My freinds and I have 2-wheel tuesdays every week to be back yard mechanics. and while we are very good at details, and religiously following the shop manual; can anyone advise me as far as things that may help us when we are putting it back together? we have the tools; weve all done lots of 2-stroke rebuilds, but only 1 450 4-stroke, which is still in progress.

are there any common mistakes when putting these 450 motor's back together?

Thanks for your help.



Central FL

As far as the crank it pretty much will go in just like any other biike. I recommend the freezer trick, it works quite well. The biggest thing you can do while putting a 4 stroke back together is TRIPLE CHECK the timing!!! set the timing, then put the tensioner back in, then cycle it and check it 2 more times! and also, if your putting in a new crank go ahead and replace the timing chain also, its best $25 you will ever spend for preventative maintenance.

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