400f carb?

Hi I just got a 98 yz400f 1st thing i did was pull the carb to clean it, After cleaning it I started bike after bike was warmed up I went to adjusted the idle screw I had to turn it all the way in "till it bottomed out" to get it to idle and its a low idle that needs to be a little higher. Is there something I can do to fix this? any ideas would be appreciated thanks Roger

The screw that adjusts the idle speed is in fact a knob which is found on the front left hand side of the carburettor. I suspect the screw you mention is in fact the mixture screw.

Find the knob and turn it in and raise the idle speed, then set the mixture screw.

The final idle position may require some adjustment of both to get the right solution.

No Im talking about the idle speed knob, not the air/fuel mixture screw. Thanks

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