wr450 tanks IMS/Clarke

I have spoke with Clarke who stated that they will not be making a 3 gal tank for the WR. They made a 2.8 tank for the YZ and no intentions at this time in making a bigger tank. I spoke with IMS and they said the same. They recommended that I get the YZ tank and shrouds. I guess we are stuck.

Two questions:

1. What does the YZ tank require to work for the WR?

2. Anyone using this combination? How is it?

This is an email I received from Clarke Mfg. on May 27th.

"We are working on a 3.2 gallon model designed for a YZ-F 450 that will work on your WR with minor mods. It should be ready for sale in 2 weeks, please e-mail then and I will have a lot more info.



Clarke Mfg co."

Anyone have an idea what these "minor mods" might be?

Two questions:

1. What does the YZ tank require to work for the WR?

2. Anyone using this combination? How is it?

The YZ tank will go right on no problem, all you need is the YZ shrouds to make the combo work....

I'm using this combo with the IMS 3.1 on my WR, the tank fits really well, I'm disappointed with the aftermarket tanks for the Yamahas, I really need a 3.5 or 4 gallon. To me $200.00 for an extra half gallon is a joke...


I agree with Dan, I have always wanted a 3.6 to 4.0 gallon tank that I can swap for those long rides in the wilderness. I cant imagine anyone tackling the baha on anything less than 4 gallons. I can carry a half gallon bottle or get an auxiliary 1 gallon front plate tank. I just hate adding weight to the front end that has to fight for stability. :)


I spoke with the girl at Clarke the week before last and was told that the biggest tank they make is for the YZ and it is only 2.8 gallons. Put that on a WR and you gain a whole 2 tenths of a gallon. I passed on the Clarke and ordered a Ty Davis/IMS tank,and after I got it,

I took one look at the right hand fuel line right by the exhaust header, put the whole thing back in the box and shipped it back and told them "No Thanx"



I just got an email from Clarke this morning with the same information. I was suprised to hear that even if we were to go with a Clarke tank (yeah, right) that not only would you need the YZ radiator shrouds, you would need the YZ seat as well.

So, what alternatives are there to hauling gatorade bottles in a backpack?

Well boys, I went against my better judgement and ordered the IMS YZ 450 tank and shrouds. I really want the 3 gal set up. Three gals fits my riding very well.

Does the IMS have fuel lines coming off both sides of the tank?


The IMS/Zipty tank has a right and left fuel line with a Tee in the lines. The right side is right above the header pipe, kind of scarey.


The right side is right above the header pipe, kind of scarey.

I agree,I have the IMS and.... The elbow on the right side on my dad's bike and my bike are both loose and you can't get them tight, plus the CDI unit rubs on the tank. On my dads bike the elbow is wearing on the valve cover.


For those with Blue tanks, you might not be aware of this but you have more than a quart of gas on the left side when you run out of gas, anything lower than the gas inlet of the carb is useless and can't be used unless you tip your bike over to the right side so that the gas gets to the carb.......


So, If you run out of gas, you're not really out. Tip the bike over.......

All this for a half a gallon.... :)

Chew on this Jim, from what I here you can't use an aftermarket header with the IMS tank. They have problems with the tanks rubbing on highboy headers. If I damage a stock header I know I'm not going to buy a stock one from yamaha. :) So my thouht is you better just save your money till they get it all worked out :D

Dan, do you have a clearance issue with the kickstarter? Mine is either too far forward or too high (depending on which spline its on) to fold into the pocket that they have molded for it.

Dan, do you have a clearance issue with the kickstarter?

Stump, The kick starter seems to fit ok... I havn't really noticed any fit issues with the kick starter..


We have the IMS tank on the race and practice bikes. The right hand fuel line isn't a problem for us however the way they want you to run the fuel line to the carb is. IMS instructions has you to run the right line above the intake manifold tees to the left line and then circles below the air intake over top and into the fuel inlet at 2:00. :) The FCR's carb inlet doesn't rotate as in years past but is at 2:00 position and needs to be at 7:00 I talked to a Yamaha ProAm Team mechanic and he showed me what they did. Take of the carb put into a padded vise heat the fuel inlet boss with a heatgun ( you drained the fuel first right?)and with a suitable device carefully turn the inlet to the 7:00 position. Caution he did 3 carbs and only collasped one line the lines are not available seperately. Ours were no problem just be sure to heat it good first.

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