What's the difference between the 04 and 05 WR's rear disc brake?

Hi All,

I posted this in WR250F forum but I figured I would ask over here too as the 04 and 05 WR250F and WR450Fs have the same rear ends.

Can I adapt a Moose Racing PRO SHARK FIN DISK GUARD W/ BRAKE CARRIER for a 2005 WR250F to a 2004 WR250F? Does anyone know what the difference is? I am hoping it is just the axle spacing and i can simply shave off metal or add washers to get it to fit depending on which way it is different.

Don't take this for the "fact" answer but the 05 and 04 have the same part number for the rotor and the stock disc protector.

Ah, but the axle part numbers vary in the first 3.

Thanks Yamalink.

So I contacted Moose Racing and they said the way the disc guard attaches to the swingarm is different so that is leading me to think I can't alter it.

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