520 vs. 426?

I own both but am very disappointed w/ 2000 426. Really like the 2001 520. which is better in your opinion? 426 slow and heavy, 520 quick and nimble...

So go and be orange! Sounds like you know the answer for yourself. My experience with KTM is that they can't make a bike that can turn without bucking the rider. I'll take a bike that turns and part prices won't send me to debtors prison.


I know others who feel the same way that you do! I personally have a 01' 426 and love it...but I have a friend that races professionally named Gary Anderson and he has a 01' KTM 520 that has way too many aftermarket parts to list and churns out 58hp at the rear wheel! I have rode his bike a couple of times and did not like it near as much as my 426 (takes the fun out of the picture)! Dont get me wrong the bike is crazy fast but it isn't violent like the YZ it doesnt snap, bark, and eat 2 smokes for lunch out of the berms! It is more of a vet rider's bike that knows how to pick lines and can rail the outside berms (it doesnt do well if you try to take the inside line)

If you are a rider who takes the outside line and doesnt make up lines as you go this is a great bike...but I believe the mid range hit of the YZ 426 is the fun part and the 520 doesnt have that, it is more "automobile like" if you will! The weight difference is not real noticable...I believe the YZ feels heavier due to the violent nature of the high compression and light flywheel engine! I hope this didnt make you KTM guys too mad...but to end on a good note Yamaha could learn from KTM... By putting hydraulic clutches, oversized bars, and a chain that at least lasts 1 ride (come on Yamaha, people cant ride if their chain gets stretched out in a couple hours, and by then the sprockets are worn out also!!!!)

KTM can also learn from Yamaha too...By getting rid of the ancient looking "harpoon fender" and by stiffening up the suspension in the front and rear (you cant race MX if your suspension bottoms every jump)!! Hope this helps enlighten you 520 guys! Oh yeah did I mention that the 520 is illegal now...due to AMA rules only <450cc four-stroke engines are allowed in the 250 class! Maybe we will see the return of the open class (are you listening AMA?) wouldnt that be cool!! Hope this helps!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

Garret, you da man! A return of the open bikes would make me so peachy! I'm 15 and my Dad's told me there's nothing like hearing a full line of open class 500s taking off from the starting gate! I would just be so happy. Maybe they'd give a little more attention to the 500s(Honda & Kaw). I miss the open class. :)

A return would be great!

Hey the 520 is not illegal yet. I read 2003 for FIM and 2002 for AMA. I still love my 426. It has plenty of power for me-but I would like it to lose 20 pounds.

WOW Motoman, Sure sounds like you speak what you read. You recited info out of every magazine out there. Are You sure what you wrote is your opinion and not the magazines you worship?

Doesn't KTM have their new suspension on those 520's?????????

I think it is called PDS or something.

My friend has one and we nicknamed it


If you do not want to work on your ride "EVERY" time you come back home........ Stay Blue my friend!!!!!

My friend spends more time tightening bolts any doing other things to it that are just requireed on the Yammy!!!!


ride BLUE

Well I have limited experience on the YZ426 and only experience on a KTM 250 SX. I was considering a KTM 400 but I decided on the YZ for the following reasons:

1.Build quality very close Tie

2.ERGO’s good on both bike. Edge to KTM

3.Price of parts YZ all the way

4.Handling close, based on YZ vs KTM I thought I would like the YZ better

5.And the number one reason SALE PRICE.

So there is my vary unscientific opinion.

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