1998 WR400 help me finish this bike!

Rebuilt my 98 WR400. But i have a couple extra tubing bits in my "carb parts" box. Can anybody take a picture of their 98 WR carb showing me where these belong or confirm my guesses?


This looks like part number 69 in the carb parts diagram (http://www.bikebandit.com/houseofmotorcycles/1998-yamaha-motorcycle-wr400fk/o/m8110) Can anybody confirm and possibly post up a pic?


This looks like some weird coupler between two of the overflow/venting tubes that attaches to a weird clip, around #s 54 and 55 in the parts diagram. Can anybody confirm this?


both pieces from another angle..

Thanks guys!!

Easy. Those are the hoses that connect the hot start device to the intake manifold and carb. On the early bikes, the hot start device is not built into the carb but is separate and bolts to the frame behind the carb.

if you want I can go out and snap a couple pics mines a 99 same carb though (I Think)

shoot me a email (goes directly to my phone) Autenbryce@gmail.com

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