Best Exhaust for WR450?

I've got a WR450 and would like suggestions on the best after market exhaust options. I would like the noise level to be legal, but most importantly - I want the best performance at all RPM levels with minimal or no re-jetting. Suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

My father has the FMF "Q" pipe on his 450 and really likes it, it's pretty quiet too.

Is that the same as a "FMF Powercore IV"?

fmf is the a good buy I like the procircuit t4 :D exhaust systems :)


You steered me to Trickdualsport for my kit now,, What are you using for a desert tank on your WR450? I got a Ty Davis (IMS) tank and sent it back after trying to install it. I didn't like the right side fuel line right next to the exhaust pipe. Please help.


Thanks. My biggest concern is having to re-jet after installing a new exhaust. It seems that many WR450 owners have struggled with re-jetting...

I have a thunder alley and it makes good power. Get the 96 db version mine is super loud.

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