Changing Oil

Hi Guys,

I own a 2001 YZ 426, SWEET bike and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how you are supposed to know how often to change the oil in your bike if you would go by how many hours you have on the oil since last oil change or what.

Thanks a bunch!

At first (new) I would do a oil change after each race weekend 1 practice and 2 moto's but after a couple months I go 2 weekends or 2 practices and 4 moto's, and I feel comfy with that. If I had a really lame race(slow or short) I'll stretch it to 3 & 6 but thats really pushing it, because then I start feeling it in the clutch.



I agree with Doug.

I can also tell after about 10 or 15 hours on the same oil that my bike doesn't shift as well.

I've learned with oil that it's not the oil that breaks down; it's the containments that get into it that cause the problems.

This is why I think it's better to change more often then to expect a higher-grade oil to extend the intervals.

I'm with Dave,I change oil after every ride and don't use expensive oil. castrol 20W50 costs me $1.04 a qt. Have never had a failure in over 30 yrs. of 4-stroke motorcycles. Just keep the oil fresh, the air filter clean and oiled, and tighten every bolt and spoke regularly.

I use synthetic oil (spectro golden) and change it after 2 or 3 rides. The oil always seems to come out looking pretty clean. I also change the oil filter every 2 or 3 oil changes. I understand that the oil filters can be washed up to 3 times. I've never tried it but I think I'll try it this season.


1999 YZ400F

I've had good luck changing mine after 1 race and one practice, which works out to about every two hours or so. To some this seems excessive but you need to remember that, especially while racing, the are lots of things whirling around at 11,000 RPM inside that engine...


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