oil & tire info

Several of you suggest using Mobil 1 15-50w synthetic oil, where can I get it cheap and how much can I expect to pay?

Also, call me crazy, but I have a 99 400 and have gone thru several rear tires on it including various Dunlops, IRC's, & Michelin's but by far the best handling and longest lasting has been the $31.00 C-755 Cheng Shin!! If your tired of getting 5-6 rides out of your tires try these. I have consistantly gotten twice the wear out of them with no chunking and good traction on all surfaces. I ride MX exclusively.

I usually find Mobil 1 for the best price at Target. The price changes periodically so when ever I see it for under $4 I get some. They are usually less than Wal-mart.

Thanks for the info JBM!

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