question about cold start knob

this may seem like a daft question but here goes. Is the cold start knob on the wr450 supposed to stay out on its own. I've just purchased a new one from a dealer and did not start the thing myself prior to loading into a van and fetching it home last saturday a 200 mile trip. The bike starts fine kick or button without the choke on. The air temp around 25 deg C. The point being the choke will not stay on unless I'm holding the Knob out (no pun intended). I intend to get in touch with the dealer tomorrow, but I thought it would be nice to be armed with some info in case they try to bamboozle me. BTW its a UK bike

thanks in advance

KGD :)

Well I think what your talking about is either the hot start, which is the lever on your handle bars of the 450, or the choke which is the black knob on the carb. The lever is designed to open when pulled and close when released so you don't accidently leave it on. The choke should stay out until you push it off when your bike is started.

Knob (choke) should stay out until you push it in. Knob may be bad if it goes in on it's own. You should have it looked at. You should not have to hold your knob to choke it. Choke and cold start are the same. Knob must remain out until ride is thoroughly warmed up. (Honestly). :)

I don't know that I would leave the choke on till the bike is thoroughly warmed up. Your bike is not thoroughly warmed up until all the fluids and everything are up to temp and that would take a bit. The manual actually cautions against long idle times. The manual actual says to push it off after starting.

The knob is spring loaded and if you pull it hard enough it clicks and stays open. since it is new, you probably have to pull hard to click it on. Don't worry, it also happened to me when I bought my bike. :)

Thanks guys for the input. I feel a bit of a knob (pun intended). It was as Wrkaholic suggested - not pulling the choke out hard enough, I think I've got new bike paranoia and trying to find problems that don't exist

KGD :)

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