WR450F need to open up can't find kit

I am looking for a Kit to open up my 2005 WR450F. THe part number is GYT-5TJ93-69-00. THe problem is they are not sold any longer. Does anyone know if the 07-09 kit will work or fit?:bonk:

You mean the AIS kit? Yes, it should work.

I just purchased this kit in Kelowna BC for $67.00. Shop around as you can buy this kit for $40.00 online. Make sure you screw the hose clamp on tight on the cap as it might blow off when your ripping it up in the forest (this happened to me today) If you do buy the kit I recommend you go to http://www.pegmonkey.com/node/1034 for instructions. Also you might want to leave on the steel pipe coming off the engine and into the AIS unit. I squeezed a bolt inside the rubber hose and clamped it after I lost the cap. Once you do all the mods you might find your bike is almost too powerful for trail riding. It might take a couple of days of riding to get used to it. Give yourself a day to install.

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