I need a rack for wr 450

Tired of tieing gear across my rear fender with rope back and forth from turnsignals. Any sugestions? :)

um back pack :D or they make these bags that go over the rear fender .. i saw them in dirtbike magazine ... or was it dirt rider... some time ago.. something with a drz400 dual sport trip and they had these bags on the rear fender... i think it was dirtbike because i did detect a little note of sarcasm :):D:D

Try this place out ... bought 1 for my 450 and it workx great. :)

I made this one for my bike.


It's kind of a PMB knock off.


Cool rack Lowedog. Is it tig welded or mig? And what alloy aluminum? I work in a metal shop and may give it a try. thanks for the great picture. Did it take you long to make?

Actually it is machined from a plate of 7075 aluminum. It probably took me a total of 3-4 hours including making the program.


check out the pro moto billet website. I think they have what you are looking for.

I made this one for my bike.


It's kind of a PMB knock off.


That is what I call a hemmorroid maker!!!


I got a call from PRO MOTO BILLET just last week saying that they have a rack now for the WR450s. (I inquired in February an was told there was little interest in a racks for the F series Yamahas.) When they called last week they told me that since the "E" button there has been much more interest.. I'd try them.

:) Jim

I made this one for my bike.


It's kind of a PMB knock off.



Nice job on the rack. Are there only 2 mounting points? If not, can you show me a pic of how you mounted it? If there are only 2 mounting points, what keeps it from swiveling up and down or crushing the fender if there is any substantial weight on it?


Ive got the pro moto billet . a bit expensive but strong and great quality, and looks good for a rack.

Makes a huge difference , in carrying stuff.

Here's a pic of my pro moto billet rack


this rack has mounting points down to the steel frame of the bike (meaning strong) and to the seat mounting bolts (which are part of the subframe). If you want a very strong rack and want to do camping kind of stuff, then this is it. This rack was developed to carry elk quarters out of the backcountry. The builder says it can hold 200 lbs! .....says he uses a rock on the front wheel to weigh down the front end ....... yeah, a bit crazy, but he's moving stuff, not doing mx. I'd sure like to see a pic of that! I personally have this rack and used it a few time. It may seem really big at looking at it, but I never even noticed it while doing enduro single track, but I did have on that acerbis 6.6 that day as well...... The PMB rack looks to be at the other end of the spectrum of racks ..... smaller, less strong mounting, and more expensive, but it looks good and you'd leave it on all the time. The cycleracks cost about 175 bucks to my door ........



That cycle rack looks very heavy duty. I doubt I will need that amount of support since I only need it for some tools and spare parts. If I am packing a tent or extra clothes, I think I will throw on some dirt bags or use a back pack for the day.

I like the pro billet a little better, but not the price. I bought an $800 welder a year ago and only used it once on a quad frame. I'd like to get more use out of it so I am going to try to make my own rack for now and see how it goes. I'd like to see the mounting points of that pro billet to give me and idea of what direction to go in. I can't seem to find a pic of the billet rack on with the side panels off.

Anyway, I will post a pic of what I make if it looks any good. If it looks crappy, I will keep it to myself and cover it with a bag. LOL

Thanks again.

Thanks for the links. I never saw that fender support b4. I saw a guy on this site made this though:



the Australian bike comes with a steel under fender and tail light support which probably helps support weight on that stainless rack.

Ive probably carried about 14 or 15kgs on my pro moto no problem but it is mounted on the subframe in two places.

I did dump my bike a 45 mph on the road in the snow the other day . towards the end of the sliding the rack struck a mailbox post the bike changed direction then spin around the posts the other way coming to a stop about 10 ft on the other side . it did not even leavr a single mark on the rack because it was loaded it hit my tool bag mostly . but it did kill my cup of raman noodles I had in my lunch bag . I would say the rack is pretty tough . they sell a optional chain saw mount plate for on it . I really think it will break the bolts off before bending.It would have been a great helmet cam moment .

so now you need a noodle cup protector

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