Wr250f starter in wr450f??

I got a 04 450f and I bought it with the e start broken ....the only starter I see on eBay is for a 06 250f .... Just wondering if it'll work ...

On a side note is there a diagnostic I can do to see if its just my starter motor that is broken??? I heard sometimes it's just the brushes that need to be replaced

Thanks in advance

I don't want to say "yeah of course it'll fit and work."

There are many possible broken parts, and I'm not quite sure what part you purchased. I'd go to http://www.yamaha-motor.com/sport/parts/home.aspx and see if they are at least the same part number.

Well i didn't purchase it yet but they are definitely different part numbers so I better lay off that purchase for now ....

Now to figure out if I need a new starter motor or not ......

hey backoff my ebay250 starter...I saw it first :foul: . I wanted to do the same thing and put it in my 450 but couldn't figure out if it would work. So I just bought a new one from the tt store. If you don't want to spend the kind of money on a new one, you can send your motor to Ricks Electric and they will rebuild it for 160ish. There is also a place online that sells refurbed ones for 180 with your core in return.

If you have a manual and volt meter, you can follow the steps in the manual. I would think if you were getting 12 volts to your starter motor when you held down the estart button and if your starter wasn't turning then I would say its your starter motor....but yet again I'm not expert here. good luck :bonk:

The 250 motor is all yours buddy :bonk:

I guess I'll try diagnose the problem first ....

I don't even know what sound it makes if any cause my bike doesn't have a battery or starter button..... But I have them on order

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