05 450 kick start gear thingy help please

Shoot, I was hoping to post pics, but I cant use photobucket at work... :bonk:

Anyhoo, my kick start went dead, pulled the case off. The kick start shaft and springs are good, however there is one gear (splined on the inside, looks like it has ratchet gears on the outside with a little arm sticking out) that was in about 8 pieces (two of which I still need to dig out of the case somewhere).

I have looked at the OEM parts schematics on TT and find "crankcase" "crankcase 1" and other assorged blow ups but cant find anything with this part in it. I need to find this part asap. Any help locating would be most appreciated! Also, any pictures of what its supposed to look like... all Ive seen is fragged up. Thanks.

How the hell did I miss that...

Its #4 that I need. THANKS!

your welcome.. i am a parts guy by trade and the m/c parts books still give me trouble at times...

anytime and welcome to TT


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