yz 426f water pump

hello i was wondering if any one could shine some light one this matter for me. my water pump makes the winding nosie from my water pump i was wondering if that is normal.

How do you know it's the water pump?

because if u get down and lissen to it u can notice its it , i was wondering if its just the inpeller making that noise ???

There are a number of things in that immediate area that can and sometimes normally do make such noises. There are 9 straight cut gears under the right crankcase cover that might produce a whining noises without there being a problem. If it actually is the water pump, you might want to investigate it. Could be a bearing.

thank you

how offten shoould it be checked ?????


thank you

how offten shoould it be checked ?????

When you think there is a problem would be a good time to check it.:bonk:

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