08yz450f motor in a 06 yz450f frame.

:bonk::ride:Hi me again i posted a thread asking if a 08yz450f motor would fit in a 06yz450f frame doo to blown motor,i just recieved the ebay motor that has 20hours on it and installed it with no problems.the mounting and electrical is exactlly the same.So if anyone was wondering it is possible to put in a 08 motor in a 06 frame it is.hopefully it will be reliable tho,only 1 way to find out.Rideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I told you it would.

Thank you for the information. I plan to put a 2009 engine on my 2006. Did you keep your 2006 electronic box, exhaust, air box, etc?

All of that will fit and function.

yes, but i dont now about the 09 motors tho,do your homework i now i did alot.all i changed was the motor and everthing bolted together no problems at all.

The 09 is the same as the 06, 07, 08 in the frame and the motor for all practical purposes. It WILL bolt up.

yes, but i dont now about the 09 motors tho,...
I do.
I told you it would.

Never listen to gray he doesnt know what he's talkin about.:ride: all joking aside he's never wrong when it comes to yzf's

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I will install the engine tonight or tomorrow. I'll give you the answer :ride:

Everything is perfect, bolt on!! I have a bit of jetting to do. I had a high compression piston and hot cams S2 in my 06 engine. I'm stock with the 2009 so the jetting is not really good.

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