why the wr's dont meet requirements for greensticker

i know why ktm did and yamaha didnt... emissions are measured in mass per cubic volume... so say hte wr450 and ktm 450 are burning hte same amount of gasoline... but the the wr is burning less air than the ktm... making the wr run smooth but hte ktm very lean... being this the wr is obviously going to have a higher amount of "carcinogens" emitted per cubic volume than the amount emitted by the ktm... it is basically like putting the same size fish in a small pot and a big pot... the fish looks more comfortable in the big pot... but thats my theory :)

That's not it at all. If you look at the CARB website, it says that the manufacturer has to certify that the bike meets emission standards AND it must guarantee that it will remain in compliance for FIVE years. If the bike falls out of compliance, the manufacturer must repair it at no charge to the consumer.

I guess the only problem is that Yamaha doesn't want to take on such a liability. I don't blame them. I guess only time will tell if KTM gets screwed or not.


I posted in another area that I noticed my buddies XR has the vent tubes running into the airbox. Mine on my WR run into the open air near my shifter and when it gets very hot, it weeps a little out these tubes. My buddies XR, saturates the airfilter.

I was wondering if it had anything to do with how some of the plumbing is routed since the XR contains the oil and my WR dumps it?

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