Hello again guys,

I have a 14 tooth on the front sprocket which is what I think comes stock on the '01 426. I do a lot of trail riding in Northwest Washington near Spokane and a 14 on the front is too tall of gearing . I am looking to go to the 13 and I was wondering if that would be too tall still or just right. You guys are a GREAT help!

Thanks again!

Try the 13

I find it is fairly low for desert but it shud be great for the trees.

The YZ is tall anyway but the front sprocket is a lot cheaper at $10-13 rather than $50 and still need to change it again cuz' it doesn't work right for your needs.

If the 13 doesn't work you can always go get a 51rear to add and that mite help more even yet.




ride BLUE

I agree with G4. Going to a 13 is better than adding to the rear. If you add more than 2 teeth to the rear, then chain guide clearance becomes an issue. The stock 14 tooth is fine for M/X work, but is way too tall for tight woods riding.


I run a 13 in front and love it for woods/enduro riding. Much less dogging the clutch in first gear in the real tight stuff. I learned from this site of some added pressure on swingarm chain guide and took the advice to remove some excess weld that exsist under the guide to get it to lay flatter. You could also remove a link from the chain and shorten wheelbase unless you plan on switching counter sprockets for type of riding.

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