Clutch side cover

Has anybody removed the finish from the clutch cover, and polished it ? mine looks like crap from the partial wear, and scratches. please dont tell me to buy a cfc cover.

i think those would look a whole lot better , if they didnt say...CFC on them. Yamaha or Yamaha racing would look better I.M.O.

You beat me to that one bones. That is a sweet looking cover and it comes in my favorite color too (blue) :D.Hinson also makes one too but it does'nt come in blue. It is airsraft T-6 billet aluminum and is akadized for 5 times the wear. It also is machined to provide more oil flow to the clutch plates keeping them cooler for those over active clutchers :D and the good news is it is only $225 :).

Smoke :D

I got some good news for you Foursmoke. My birthday is weekend after next, and now you don't have to puzzle over what to get me! I'll send you my stock cover with $29 CFC cover still attatched (only a little scratched up.)

Whatya think? :)


Clutch? You guys use those things??? :)

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