07 WR 450 vs 08 WR 450 ?

Is there any changes between years ?

I was woundering most about the frame, turning

or where can I find this out


Pretty much the same bike save for graphics. I think the front brake had some minor changes to reduce weight.


Yeah, two changes that I am aware of (that's it.)

1. BNG (Bold New Graphics)

2. Dark grey coloured engine covers ('07 were light grey)

.... in other words they are the same bike, and the WR450F is still the same two years later (apart from BNG each year)!


2007-2011 WR450's are exactly the same minus cosmetic changes.

2010 was available in Canada but not the US and Yamaha Canada has the 2011 on there sporting no changes....

The fuel tank, while looking the same was supposed to be made from a different plastic ,i think to protect the environment . I may have read some other difference but ill have to lay to lay awake at 3 am to remember.Ill let you know...

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