2003 WR450f Starter Problem, Anyone have a Fix?

I purchased a used 2003 wr450f knowing it had a history of starter problems, the battery was dead when i got it so i had to kick start it. Once i replaced the battery and tried to start it the electric starter made a horred noise as it tried to start i dont know what exactly is wrong and needs to be replaced, it kick starts but i would like to have a good working electric start. Someone please help

i got my starter real hot one weekend and it sounded really bad.. i took it off and took it to an automotive starter shop and it was the rear bushing out.. a good cleaning and a new bushing and it is fine...

make sure you mark the starter when you take it off.. if they reassemble it backwards (center part of starter) it will turn backwards..

lh engine side cover has to come off to get the starter out.. not a bad job..

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