renthal fat bars...any good?

Hello all, Do any of you use renthal fat bars? Are they comparable to pro tapers? Any opinions on them? Thanks.


1999 YZ400F

i have a set of renthals with a desert bend, and as i am fantastic at falling off, i can recomend them totally

if you want maxamum durability go with the renthal double wall but if you want very good durability with some flex to save your hands from vibraiting off i would use the protapers i love them it's almost like having rubber mounted clamps

I have a pair of Renthal Twinwalls, they are strong, the OD is larger than Protapers for most of their length. The information booklet suggests running without the crossbar for more flex, but I haven’t tried it. Apparently the Twinwall is plenty strong to be run without the crossbar.

The Renthal Fat Bars are great bars and are very strong, but in my opinion, they don't compare at all to ProTapers or Tags. The only difference is that Renthal uses steel while Answer and Tag use aluminum. If you aren't concerend with weight, they will work. I am not a weight freak, but for the same price and strength, I will take the lighter part. I have ProTapers nd have had 3-4 major crashes and many little ones with out any damage. Just my 2 cents.



Not meaning to dog on Renthal, but the Twinwalls aren't very good because the grains of the metal re reversed, so if and when they do break, it will be very jagged and could screw you up bad. Also since there are 2 walls, if the inner wall cracks, you won't see it and the bar is weakened. I would stick ith ProTapers or Tags. (they are cheaper, too!)


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