Oil Loss Gremlins

Bike was ripping thru oil, 150-170 ml per ride. Installed new big bore 478 cylinder, piston, rings, valve seals, new intake valves & new timing chain. Old cylinder did not look that bad, could see some wear on nickasil. Still went thru 150ml per ride:banghead:, but then after about 3 rides it went down to about 60ml oil loss per ride:confused:. Did rings seat better? Then I started going thru oil again 150ml +. Found oil leak @ front sprocket counter shaft seal. Replaced w/new. Still go thru 60ml+ per ride. :bonk: The harder I ride the more oil I go thru. Any suggestions? Bike has ton of hours, runs strong, starts first kick. What is OK oil loss? 30ml? Typical ride 45m high country single track.

Are you positive you are checking the oil in the correct manner ? There is a "drill" you should follow to ensure you are getting an accurate reading. See the tacked thread at the top of the forum.

Yeah, I check it hot all the time. Make sure it's level too.

how many rings had the new piston? the athena big bore only has the top and the oil ring. is yours the same?

Top ring, oil ring, bottom ring. Just cannot figure it out. Yesterday road fairly hard and only went thru 10ml.

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