Acherbis 6.6 with a DRD head pipe

Hi everyone.

I got an Acherbis 6.6 gal tank for my 05 WR450 to use on my dual sport rides. Most of the time I just use my IMS tank because my bike is 90% of the time in Motard trim. I have a problem though. The Brackets that bolt to the lower frame will not work on the exhaust side when I have the DRD Full system on. The Head pipe is much closer to the Radiator hose than the stock one. Right now when I put the 6.6 tank on I just change the exhaust back to stock. I would like to figure out an option and want to know if any of you have had this problem. Here is the options I see and would like feedback.

Buy a different header (what would work with the DRD Muffler?

Have a custom bracket made

Ride the bike without the right side lower frame mount (is this possible or will it hurt something)

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