Urgently need to find WR450F serial number

I've got a 2003 WR450F which I'm trying to register to make it legal for road use over here in the UK.

On the documentation I got with the bike, in the section for "VIN/Chassis/Frame No." it says CJ04W-0002020 but I can't match this number up with anything on the bike.

The bike has a 17 digit VIN number on the right hand side of the heastock but I can't find the shorter number (CJ04W-0002020) anywhere.

Does anyone know where to look?

Without this identification I'm not going to be able to register the bike.

Thanks for any help.

You didn't check the paper work to the frame before you bought it.....

If its got a 17 digit frame number you should be able to register it, but your paper work sounds that its not right for that bike..

My paper work and vin number says CJ02W0058## 11digit number.

Which according to a dealer its an unofficial import. (grey import).

There is also a number on the rear subframe at the back of the airbox under the seat. mines a 5NG6-100 which is Euro spec.

Then again I've yet to hear of any 426 UK spec with a 17 digit number.

Hi Rich,

Are you saying the the VIN number stamped on your headstock is only 11 digits?

from what I've been reading ALL vin numbers are 17 digits :


The two numbers for my bike ....

CJ04W-0002020 and


are very similar in some ways - like they both end in the same 4 characters.

I'm thinking that the shorter number is like Yamaha's internal serial number and the longer number is the proper VIN.

Any chance you could have a look at your headstock to see if yours is stamped with the 11 or 17 digit number?


This number JYACJ0XXXXX002002 are what VIN numbers look like in the US.

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Thanks Terry. I'm pretty sure that's the format they are in the UK and Europe as well.

I've emailed the Yamaha UK importer to see if I can get conformation from them that the 11 digit serial number on my paperwork corresponds correctly to the 17 digit VIN on my bikes frame.

If they do confirm that in writing then I'm golden.

Fingers crossed.

Yep 11 digit only on the headstock.

Just use your 17 digit when registering thats all they require.

Yep 11 digit only on the headstock.
OK mate. Thanks for looking.
Just use your 17 digit when registering thats all they require.

I can't register it without an export certificate with a Vin/Chassis/Frame number that matches the one on the bike. :bonk:

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