250F vs 450F

Well, I'm not sure which forum I should be posting this in so, I'm going to post it in both of them.

I am wanting to get a 4 stroke bike and I just sold my CR125. I am in between getting a CRF450R and a YZ250F. Brand really isn't that big of a deal here, it's just that I would like to know your personal preference as to what you would like to have. I race the hare scrambles in Texas.. :)

That is kind of an off comparison. You should compare the

CRF450 against the YZ450F or the WR450F, or the WR426F, or the WR400F. The YZ250F will be really down on power compared to the CRF450. However, depending on your size and weight, the YZ250F might be better for you.

Well, I'm a big guy but I don't think that I can handle the extra power..I'll probably end up going with the 250F but thought I would see what others thought, first.

I have a WR450 my buddy has a WR250. I have gotten to ride his bike a couple of times. His is much lighter, and if you ride it like a 125, which your coming off of its a blast. I did get it in a sand wash and had to keep down shifting, my 450 killed the 250 there. Both are fun, and you wont be disappointed either way. The best way to see for your self is to bum a ride from a few guys if can.

Well, I do like the way the 125 rides. I'm not afraid to give it the gas and let it rip which I think I will be, with a 450. I'll see if I can't bum a few rides in the next couple of weeks (or days :) )


Well i hope i dont get axed to much but im selling my wr426 and getting the new KX250F (already ordered), its lighter and more powerfull than the yz250f and that was a blast in the forest (my friends bike).

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