Just added kickstand!

Alright, I just added a new PMB kickstand to my YZF450. Not advertising for them, but I LOVE this stand. It is SOOOO much more convenient to be able to use kickstand vs looking for a tree... Never pops down, so far, so good!!

mine fell apart.....


I love mine too!! No stand when I first got the bike and it sucked. Picked up the pmb off ebay and have loved it ever since. Makes trail riding a bit more enjoyable.

I gota pmb on my 05 250 smoker and i absolutly love it.

Im happy to see they have one for the 10 450, i think ill order mine soon.

make sure the bolt that mounts the kick stand to the base of the stand is tight. I never checked mine and it backed out. I fixed it today and it's a bitch to get back in.

Got mine the day I got my bike. Just love it. Dont care if the younger guys laff at me. Im not the one looking for a rock or tree to lean my bike against.

Love my kickstand too. It's so convenient to have. Just being able to park anywhere and take my backpack off for a drink and a rest is great!!

Yep, just keep an eye on that bolt. Loc-tite it....and still keep an eye on it. Great product and company.

I gotta get myself a dam kickstand too, i been saying this for years, and every winter i'm out in the middle of a huge frozen lake, and I need to take a wicked pi$$, I curse myself for not having a kickstand !! :bonk:

had one on my 08 450 ...awesome in the woods < but alot of tracks didnt want it on so took it off for mx

I did lock-tite it when I put it on, but will watch for it. I had this stand on my last bike and never had any issues with bolt coming loose or stand breaking. Not pimpin for PMB, but every bike I have will have this stand. I agree also, I don't give a damn about what the young guns think it is soooo convenient having a stand that stays out of the way until you need it...

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