Flying pigs!!

Just started to really jump my BRP today and was suprised at how easy it is to control in the air, it is after all a fairly heavy and tanklike bike. My problem is how to get the rear wheel down, seems like i am always digging in on landing, is this thing way front heavy maybe?getting on the gas isnt seeming to work too well. Just figured i would ask some of the most knowledgeable pig people around and see if anyone has a solution or can tell me if this is a natural trait of the BRP. Thanks in advance


Did you know that your age, plus the number of kids you have should equal at least 30 before you attempt such feats? :D Assuming you're not seated towards the rear of the seat at take off, and have good riding technique :), try turning in the rear shock rebound damping clicker (the one on the bottom of the shock) in one click at a time. I have mine at 8 out from all the way in. This also effects the compression damping and will make the bike ride stiffer but it should fly better. A revalve is in order but I haven't got in there yet, so I'll have to keep quiet for now! :D


There's a shop manual on E-bay now! :)

If you want to get your suspension redone, take it to Precision Concepts, they do amazing work. I just got my bike back from them and now the suspension feels as though I am sitting on a sofa it is so plush. This is the same set-up that Cambell runs on his race bikes. Nice people there.

Have fun fun in the air up there. It is a pretty sweet feeling launching that big 650 isnt it. We have a small motorcross track that I take mine out on and there are some nice jumps on. You really get some heads turning by racing it against two strokes. Even more heads, when you actually beat them.

is this thing way front heavy maybe?

When I first started riding my BRP, and jumping, it wanted to always land on the front that's a bunch of fun! :)

Now I learned to make a some sort of effort to make it fly right, be it pull back on the bars, gas it at the bottom of the jump and lean back, whatever it takes.

Yeah, whatever you do...DO NOT CHOP THE THROTTLE when you are cresting the jump!! Your nose will drop faster than Bill Clinton's pants! :D Otherwise just gas it and have fun! :)

alright, thanks guys, it wasnt just me, time to go try some more.

Your nose will drop faster Bill Clinton's pants!

:):D :D :D

Don't break your shock linkage man!!!! Read up if you don't know what I mean. The aluminum parts like to chew each other up if you don't keep 'er greased well!

Have fun! :)

Hey loufish, hows that T-4 treating you? been looking at the pro-circuit and yosh 650R full systems, how does the t-4 sound? loud is good. hows build quality? power? little off topic i know but cant hurt to ask.

In response to Smashinz2002:

Don't break your shock linkage man!!!! Read up if you don't know what I mean. The aluminum parts like to chew each other up if you don't keep 'er greased well!

I can second that. I am rebuilding my swingarm because the linkage bearing failed. Get in there and grease these. Most of my bearings were starting to fail after 1 year, due to not greasing. I had to replace the linkage,(hard failure) I had to push it to the road and walk back to get rig. Trust me check and lube.

Hey loufish, hows that T-4 treating you?

It's a real nice system, quality is first rate, and yes it did get louder. P/C offers 2 sizes for the end caps for the silencer, when I bought my system I didn't know this, and I have the smaller cap. My friend has the same system but with the larger cap, which seems to give him a little more top end power then mine. I lost a little power at the bottom, but picked up at mid, and of course the top. I wished I tried running the P/C system with the stock head pipes to see how that combo ran, but I never rode the bike at all until adding a bunch of mods, including the exhaust.

Learn to seat bounce or pre-load your suspension. Just hitting a jump or bump will throw you forward unless you pre-load your forks. When the forks unload it will throw the front of the bike higher. You can do this standing up or sitting down ie: seat bounce. It's easier standing up just push down on the bars when the front tire hits the jump and shift your weight back once the tire clears the jump. This will force the front higher and your body into a more natural position. If you start to go too far back just tap the rear brake and the front will dip. Start slow and then move up your speed/height. The pig will fly very neutral but there's alot of weight hitting the ground when she lands so spring rate and compression/rebound are critical. You don't want the forks collapsing under you. The seat bounce is a little tougher because timing is more critical. You basically hit the face of the jump seated and your weight on the seat preloads the suspension for you. Your timing on when you stand up determines how you land. Watch the pros at SX. They are the masters of seat bouncing as it works best when you have very little run room to the jump. Very cool when mastered. :)

seat bouncing works, but be carefull...when done wrong, things can get ugly fast. In my opinion it's way over-rated (chiropractors like it though). On 99.9% of the tracks I have seen, a rider with a strong motor and good technique can clear any jump on the track without the seat bounce. This might be a more important trick for a 225 pound guy on a 125.

Oh Ya, The flying Pig. The front end is heavier than my DRZ but jumps real well at high speed. I just give a pull back at the last min to land the rear wheel.


Hey Moredesert.....

Cool picture.

Is that the cattle guard crossing going to Mikes Sky Ranch from the hiway?

Must be the wings in the rad shrouds holding you guys up! :)

Hi Mainjet, That is the back side of Mikes by the Rancho El Coyote. We must have been going 60 MPH when we hit the cattle crossing.

Cyborg, We just drank some Red Bull :)

I have done that at that same crossing also,

you betcha...

Well at 17 MPH. LOL :)

YO ! Jr650,MY T-4 On my650L*(with 2"outlet)Rips! :)

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