YZ timing and Taffy jetting - WOW! WOW! WOW!

Well guys I finally rode 35 miles with my new YZ timing and Taffy jetting recommendations. All I can say is incredible! I felt no low end loss with the YZ timing. I took rowher road (at rowher flats) all the way to the top of the mountain in second gear all the way, no clutching, big ruts, steep climb, bogged it many times, it never stalled, it just kept pulling like a tractor. Once I got in some open space, I hit the throttle and the front end would come up in second and third gear. The bike really rips and the jetting seems spot on. With the jetting, I cannot see why anyone would not want to go with the YZ timing. I do not even have the powernow mod.. Anyway, thanks Taffy, Larry, and others for your help with the jetting. The bike starts first kick, never stalls, and flat our rips. :)

well done!

the doubters can't argue with facts now can they!


I was equally impressed with Taffys settings after my first ride.

Wheelies have never been so much fun! :)

I wish we had taffy jetting for the wr 450! :)

I wish we had taffy jetting for the wr 450! :)

I tell you what. Because Im a nice guy, Ill trade you my Taffy jetted WR400 for your bike straight across.

Sometimes I give until it hurts... :D

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