06 yz450 head question

Hi i have an 06 yz450f, it needs a head my question is what years of motorcycle heads will work also what years if any of quads will fit. Also what is the difference of the 03-05 compared to the 06. Im building a flattracker for my son for next season and wanting quality stuff also horsepower.



'06-'09 YZ450F, '07-'10 WR450F, '08 and later YFZ450 Quad will all bolt to your engine. The best stone stock head is the '08-'09 YZ450.

Stock power output runs around 47 for the '03-'05, 49 for the '06, 50 for the '07, and 51-52 for the '08/'09.

Real horse power comes from boring the carb, and the right cams and port work. Porting a 5 valve Yamaha head is a job that is fantastically easy to screw up. The one-into-three intake presents challenges that are difficult to fully understand and deal with, and only a few can really improve it.

If you want real, serious power, contact Ron Hamp.

Thanks for your quick and valuable information.

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